Let the Play-testing Begin

Now that I’ve gotten past the post-Kickstarter fatigue, I’ve started thinking about potential Blueshift expansions again. True to my hobby first mindset, I had already created close to 15 potential expansion species before even the Kickstarter campaign in 2017. Now, I have around 20. The trick is, they all seem sooo cool to me, but I’m sure many of them are duds. Let the play-testing begin! That’s the secret sauce to figuring out what works and what doesn’t, what’s fun and what’s lame. For my first play-test of any species, I’ll just do a run-through by myself to catch any glaring issues and get a feel for them. To that end, this will be my first play-through report of an expansion species.

Something like this… with a huge laser gun

Something like this… with a huge laser gun

The Scourge: “The scourge lay dormant near a dark-matter nebula for untold millennia. Recently awakened by the presence of a Tivare trade route in the region, they seek to restore the galaxy to the original silence that prevailed prior to the emergence of sentient beings.”

Definitely still a first draft of their back story, but should be enough to give you a feel for what they would be like. I picture them like a grim reaper / ring-wraith, but with a giant silver gun like the ones in Men in Black.


Overwhelming Desolation – You gain 3 victory points for every uninhabited planet on the board, and for your base planet. You do not gain victory points for owning other planets or trade alliances.

Harvest – Rather than bombarding/invading a planet, each of your destroyers orbiting an inhabited planet may instead roll a die. On a 3+, decrease the population or prosperity down 1 rank in order for you to gain 4 credits.

Game Report

The first thing that you notice is that I totally toyed with a key game mechanism - how scoring victory points works. In my solo run-through, it actually worked out pretty well, but I’m sure it could get messed up when playing against other people. I noticed that I was only really motivated to purchase destroyers to use Harvest, so I think I’ll try extending the ability to scouts in a lesser degree. The other thing I thought of was that Hivemind would be the ultimate anti-Scourge player due to their infested ships ability. I’ll have to think of a way to mitigate that.

That’s all for this week!

Next time, I’ll follow-up with a Game Report of the ChyrakRah, a birdlike humanoid species that focuses on upgrading their ships.


Ben Stenquist